Scholoarships & Bursaries

Glider Pilot Scholarship

Together with classroom training and instruction, Air Cadets will eventually find themselves in the air with one of our instructors for the very first time. Often inspired by their initial familiarization flights, Air Cadets in level 3 and in Grade 9 or higher, can take additional courses to prepare them to earn their Glider Pilot Wings, officially designating them as a licenced pilot with Transport Canada.

There is a selection process for the annual Summer Training program that takes place through the central gliding location housed at Trenton air force base. Through these courses, Cadets will take enriched training in ground school and on gliders – including solo flights – in order to be judged as meeting the requirements of Transport Canada for their license. It is not unusual for many Air Cadets to receive their Glider Pilot license before they have a Driver’s license.

Power Pilot Scholarship

Air Cadets aged 17-18, at level 4 and in Grade 10 minimum, apply and are interviewed to participate in our 7-week course. This course includes ground school and in-flight instruction at one of 5 civilian flight centers across Ontario.

The successful Air Cadets who obtain his or her pilot’s license have gone on to fly with commercial airlines, with Canadian Forces, courier and charter companies, as instructors at flight schools, or simply continue flying for their own pleasure. The opportunity to earn a private pilot’s license through our program at no cost – valued at $15,000 – remains one of the most attractive benefits available to young people who join Air Cadets.

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